Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A couple more St. Patrick's day pics

We did a couple other easy crafts to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. The kids haven't been feeling well so I didn't get to have a big celebration like I had liked. Actually I think I'm on the verge of going slightly insane. Just kidding. Here Georgia made an origami shamrock.

Josie likes to piece together the paper crafts at DLTK-kids. This is her Lenny. He is kinda freaky looking huh. I think I will save him for next year and hide him around the house. Whoever finds him will win a prize!

Loving Father, we thank you for the gifts of Saint Joseph to the Church, and we ask his intercession for all those called to recognize from you a vocation to holiness in the Church.
Today's suggested penance: Pray for and give alms to the missions.

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Stacy said...

I hope that you are all feeling better! If there is anything i can do to help- let me know. I am glad that you had a good St. Patty's Day