Thursday, March 19, 2009

air does push and air carries water

As another couple of introductory experiments we learned that air really does have a push on us. This experiment proved that.
They could feel the air pushing the paper before they were easily able to pick it up.

Then they discovered that salt on a plastic lid can easily be shaken around until

it makes contact with some warm moist air.

They couldn't shake it. I think they like to do this sort of stuff even though I was told by both big girls on two different occasions, without the other knowing the other told me even -"we do wayyy to many experiments". They keep smiling??!
I realize that I posted Thursday's reflection yesterday so this was Wed's.
May you be for ever praised, O Lord, for the wisdom that guides your love. Love me so that you may love me all the more. Love me to the end.
Today's suggested penance: Clean up someone else's mess.

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The Parenti Family said...

Very cute girls!!!
Oh, where did you find the Easter background?? I looked on the cutest blog page, but they showed none.. this may just be my horrid internet service again acting up though..
I hope all is well and new baby B. will be arriving soon!!! I asked Jessie to by "my gal" to let me know of the splended day!!
Talk to you soon!
love ya's all!
Jenny P.