Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Catch a Rainbow experiment

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!
In honor of St. Patrick's Day and to conveniently go along with our weather unit we "caught" some rainbows. The first experiment was to set a glass full of water by a window to witness the effect.
They thought it was pretty neat that it actually worked and the colors were separated by the water.

The second rainbow we caught was in a dish. First Jo (who wasn't feeling 100%) poured a cup of milk into our pie pan.

Then we divided our pan into thirds and dropped 3 drops of primary colored food coloring at those 1/3 marks.
After this Georgia dropped (or accidentally poured) some dish soap into our pan. Instantly the colors started to mix.

The girls worked on a worksheet about their observations after watching it for quite a while. Here it is after about 10 minutes and may I add many bumps and shakes from people climbing on the table.
Lord give us the grace to know our dependence that we may be merciful with others; give us the hope that keeps us from discouragement with our sins.
Today's suggested penance: Point out to another his or her virtue.

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The Parenti Family said...

COOL experiments girls!!! I love rainbows, and they certainly are popular in the preschool this year!!
have fun and HAPPY St. Patrick's day!!!
Jenny P.