Monday, March 23, 2009

Gymanstic fun

I dropped the kids off at "dad's school" while I had a doctors appt. the other day and now they are into a gymnastic unit. Georgia wasn't dressed very appropriately but that didn't stop her.
Georgia on the parallel bars. I think she had a LOT of fun playing around. When the kids came in she even followed groups around and participated with them.
Daddy had some papers taped up at each station to tell the kids what to do. Georgia is reading up on some balance beam skills while trying to do them!
Georgia you are so graceful doing your balance beam routine.
Wee Emmy.
Georgia crept up the wall to practice a hand stand.
No shots of Josie doing anything but this. She complained that her ear ached. Thankfully it didn't amount to anything and once again we are all healthy.
These mats are used to aid kids in doing cartwheels. Emeline liked to climb up and run/jump off.
Emeline loved to balance. Good job Emmy. Mommy REALLY wished she could tumble and flip around!!
Dear Lord, help me to embrace every opportunity that you offer me in Lend - whether chosen or not - to experience my poverty and helplessness, that I may approach you with a simple faith and total trust.
Today's suggested penance: Pray the rosary with the intention to renew your Marian devotion.

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The Parenti Family said...

It must be fun to have your Daddy be a teacher there!! WOW!
Girls, I remember your Mommy doing all of those things in gym class. I always loved watching her doing the "round-off".
It's nice to see your smiling faces and I'm glad Josie's ear is okay!!!
love to you all!
Jenny P.