Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Memorial Day

We rode the bus with the members of the Legion to a couple of area cemeteries where they performed a short Memorial Day service. The girls (Georgia, Josie and a friend) are anticipating the gunshots.
We started a Jr. Auxiliary this year and so far these are the members. We marched in the parade yesterday.
We also threw candy.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend.
Thank you to all the soldiers and families whom have made sacrifices for this country.

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The Parenti Family said...

THat's nice you guys can do that! It's good for the kids to know about memorial day. We talked about it.. but as you saw, Christian had a baseball game.. (??) Sometimes sports on Sundays or holidays just bewilder me!!
CANDY?!!! Did you get to eat a few pieces girls?? Wish I could have been there to grab a piece!!! We missed you all too. We'll let you know when we'll be visiting!! If you get a hold of a duet, send it our way and we'll practice it!! :)
Lots of love