Friday, June 11, 2010

Georgia's softball

My little Georgia's softball season is full speed ahead. She is playing shortstop and pitching. Here she is in her "ready" position just daring them to hit it her way. Gun 'em down Georgia!
Then they shake in there cleats when she's on the rubber. 6 up 6 down the other night. I make sure to supply the "other" bench with Kleenex's when she's due to pitch.
Zip it in there girl.
After a strike (of course).
After another strike (of course).
And yet the third strike, send 'em packin', wind-up.
Now she's not all that good. She does have some weird mechanical problem with her swing. She makes contact each time but she has as I call it "what the heck is the barrel of the bat doing down there" sort of problem. Now that is the nice phrase I have for it. I have, in passing, whispered some choice words under my breath after pitching a ball and saying "You dropped it again Georgia" for the 1000th time in a row. And, maybe I've used some colorful language to Brad while describing "the drop" to him later in the evening. In other words she is dropping the head of the bat prior to swinging. It looks really ugly and makes her hit pop ups and foul balls back over the catcher. We're working on it. I still love you Georgia!! xo


The Parenti Family said...

You look good out there Georgia! Thanks for your post Jenny and I KNOW!!! A TEENAGER!!! I have gray hairs too.. yikes.. Thanks for the wishes!!
Have a good weekend!
Love ya's

vickiekurt said...

Make hay while the sun shines.........................................