Monday, June 7, 2010

Em's scissor skills

Emeline got a "math" book for her birthday. It is actually a preschool skills workbook but she calls it her math homework.
She insisted that she could do a cut and paste activity one day so I let her have at it.
It's tough getting those scissors to do what you want them to.

She was VERY persistant as she worked to get ONE square cut out.
I thought she was done and was jumping around cheering but NO, she had to tidy it up a bit.
There it is. Later she was very upset that the other 8 squares had black lines on them. She stuck with it for a while, put it away because her hands ached and went back at it until it was cut, sorted and glued. Way to go Emmy!

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The Parenti Family said...

YAY Em! You are keeping your thumb on top.. that's the way!:)
Following your example..I put a slideshow on our blog for Christian's bday (early.. but I know I have no time on his actual bday to put on on there!) He picked out his background and song.. so cute. Visit when you get the chance! :)
miss you all!