Thursday, June 3, 2010

Josie's T-Ball

Josie wrapped up her T-Ball. She was a slugger and a thrower let me tell you!
Everybody backed up when Josie was up to the plate. (Well we didn't have a "plate" I drew one in the dirt!)
She was also a very colorful player.

oops we caught Georgia in this one. I was a coach so it made it more fun. The kids were ALL actually hitting the ball without the tee towards the end. I didn't say that because of my coaching skills...well maybe it was because of my coaching skills a little :)


Jessie Mae said...

Yeah Josie! We hope you have lots of fun playing t-ball this year!

The Parenti Family said...

whoa, watch out!! It looks like she means business!!! I bet it was fun to coach the little ones. I remember Christian being in t-ball.. it was too cute!! The kids were lucky to have you Jenny! :)