Monday, January 18, 2010

Samuel's one!!!!!!

We celebrated a wonderful occasion this weekend at Jessie and Matt's house. Sam's FIRST birthday!!
It was a fun BOY party with pin the missing tooth in the dinosaur!

My handsome Bradley and adorable Margie.
There is the birthday boy and his awesome cake. Sorry about the blurriness.
Russell played with dinos.
Yum yum!
My three big girls. Georgia, Emeline and Josie.
Elsie really helped Sam get to those presents. Just what a big sis is supposed to do.
Sam and his boy doll I made him.
Ben, his girlfriend Tracy and my Margie Sue.
You are the sweetest one year old in the world Sam. (Like I said before, at least until March!!!)

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The Parenti Family said...

what a good looking family!!! Can't get over how fast time goes.. :(
glad you all had a good time!!
Jenny P