Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Making Friends

Things are going well with the pony. The weather has been so very cooperative. It has allowed the girls to go out with me and work/play/get acquainted with him. He's been on many walks down the driveway, out in the fields, through a speck of woods. So far so good.
We need to get a saddle that will fit him. As you can see I brought out the smallest one I have (bottom right of picture) just to see his reaction. I've had the girls on his back as often as I can so he gets used to it and he hasn't flinched so of course he really didn't care much about a saddle. Must be Santa got him ready for us!!

Pony kisses.
Things between all three horses are settling down nicely too. Zatty, my gelding gives him the most trouble. They are just figuring things out between themselves I guess. It actually has gone A LOT better than I thought it might because he is so small. He holds his own though. Just for jokes I thought I would try this little halter on him. It was Zatty's when he was a yearling and it fit!
Georgia just LOVES him. She's always eager to get out and see him. More to come on our progress!!


The Parenti Family said...

we're dying to know.. what's his name?!!
looks like a good boy.
Jenny (and Sarah too.. she's right beside me.:) )

The Parenti Family said...

Hi again!
just got your message on our blog.. thanks!! yes, the devons are beautiful and those horns can be dangerous!! at the farm, they don't remove them.. there are a couple that are born without them and one that came from another farm which had weights on them to make them point downward.. but other than that, they all have horns. The breed has black-tipped horns. you'll have to come see them sometime! :)

Dodie said...

Wow, he looks happy!I'm glad to see it!Dodie