Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Being Penguins

We have been learning all about polar regions of the world and in doing so have fallen very interested in penguins. This is Josie carrying her penguin egg around. It was really tough.
Here they are trying to pass the egg from one to the other as the mother does to the father before she goes off to feed. How frustrating!
Almost got it.
With a little help- success.

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The Parenti Family said...

Hi Jenny and family!
LOVE the penguin learning that's going on at your house! They are pretty amazing creatures! I wonder how they can survive in such cold conditions? When you learn that let me know okay? :) Also, Christian got his card today. He was very happy with it.. it brought me to tears when I saw the certificate. What a great New Year's resolution!! Christian will keep that in his Bible to remember.. We miss you all terribly!!!
lots of love
ps I love the stickers with "C" and "S"!!! CUTE!!