Monday, January 4, 2010

Family Christmas Party

Well we made it through the storm to the annual Christmas Party down south. The kids immediately jumped into playing ping pong.
Kim and Emmy immediately became best friends again.
Margie Sue loved Aunt Pammy.

The fun table!! We need some big snap in place beads!
The Greats. Enough said!
There were even computer chair races. This party had it all.
And computer chair trains.
A suspicious looking bunch huh? I found out there was an accomplice who was taking pictures of hands and sending it to the opponent. Sneaky sneaky.
Basketball too. Thanks Dan, I mean Matt for playing with the girls. I know your name :)
Love to you all xoxo.
*ps. aunt joann i hope you are feeling better*


The Parenti Family said...

that looks like fun! Was it at a school or something? (I see the lockers, computers, etc!)
Happy New Year!

The Parenti Family said...

I meant to say that "Aunt Pammy" looks sooo much like your mom!! WOW!!!

Aunt Jean said...

Wonderful pictures. It was a real nice party. I enjoyed spending time with all of you. Hopefully this summer we can get a family picnic set up so you can get to meet my kids and grandchildren.