Thursday, January 21, 2010

crayon resist starry night

I read about this art project a while ago when we were learning about Vincent van Gogh. The above is his painting The Starry Night. We followed these instructions to create a mimic art crayon resist Starry Night.
Here they are studying the painting.
Getting started. Notice how the wind goes right over the top of that tree?! I thought that was cute.
Very nice use of short "brush strokes" Georgia.
Georgia's first one. They liked it so much they did 2.
We didn't have neon crayons but chose some brighter ones for the second go around.
Josie's second.
Here is her first one.
... and, Emeline's masterpiece.

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The Parenti Family said...

so fun! That is Sarah's favorite painting. We love doing crayon resist pics in the prek. they are great.
Well, I'm writing this from the hospital Jenny.. Christian's sinus infection spread to his eye. he was admitted today (although we were in the er all day!!) they talked about surgery for a bit, but decided to treat it through his iv with antibiotics.. hope to be home tomorrow or the next day. looks like no celtics game.. he is devistated...
he's in great hands here though!! Thought I'd fill you in.
miss you all