Friday, January 8, 2010

No Heat

What do you do when your furnace isn't working and you're waiting for someone to come and repair it? Use the oven! We took the opportunity to use all of our measuring cups and did a lot of pouring water into different size cups for Josie. She is learning about fractions and what a great visual for her.
We decided to make gingerbread snowmen.
Here they are. (and there they go)
Then we used the oven again to make a craft that Josie's Godmother Becky gave her for Christmas. These Makit and Bakit suncatchers come out so pretty. She had a couple catastrophes at the beginning when her tray got bumped and the little beads all mixed together requiring her to painstakingly separate them but she did it with a smile. Yeah right!!!!
Almost full!
Here it is the following morning. Looks so pretty. Thank you Becky!
By the way the furnace is fixed. Brad gets home at 3:00 and the repair man hadn't yet been here. So Brad was furiously trying to get the thing started before he did get here to save us the 95 dollar diagnostic fee. I was being a good girl and reading the books and looking things up online and all this stuff a woman would do after about 30 minutes of trying different things I hear a bang bang bang and wouldn't you know it, it started working just when I notice the repairman getting out of his van and coming in. The "bang bang bang" was Brad being a man hitting the thing and wiggling everything in sight. Well it worked. The guy came in said a bunch of crap (did nothing other than take a couple of wires off and blow on them) and then gave brad a $101.00 bill. Oh well I guess in the long run we make out if you look at it in a round about kind of way. The guy said that we need a new "this or that" and that to have him put it on it would cost $258.00. BUT we can go to such and such a street and see so and so and pay a little over $20.00 and put it in ourselves. You just unscrew a couple of screws and put the new one in. So we did save us about $158.00 if like I said you look at it in a round about sort of way!!

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