Friday, October 9, 2009

Voices of the Faithful Book 2 by Kim P. Davis

This compilation of stories takes you on a trip around the globe while giving you a glimpse of the hardships and miracles that encompass missionary life. Each month is assigned a different theme such as “March: Divine Appointments” and “October: From Adversity to Triumph”. Each day is broken down into three parts. The first, a verse from the Bible followed by the missionary story itself and third a short prayer.

I thought the book was wonderful. There were times when the mere little words added another steadfast boulder to my foundational beliefs in God. There were other times that my heart cried out to the scared or uncertain about converting to Christianity. Most of the time my heart rejoiced upon hearing the stories of those making the transition with zeal. It made me greatly appreciate a people following their calling by becoming missionaries. They are in areas that can be dangerous and there are moments when their work seems helpless yet they keep on spreading the word.

The book would be a great year long devotional or even a better gift for someone who may be on the fence about giving themselves up to God. I believe upon reading, one can only walk away believing more firmly in the strength and powers of prayer, and our Almighty God.

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