Friday, October 2, 2009

Christopher Columbus Egg Carton Ships

We made Christopher Columbus' fleet! It is a really cute craft made out of egg cartons. I cut out individual cartons and then the kids painted them.

I then broke some kabob sticks (the directions called for toothpicks but I couldn't find any) for the masts of the ships.

They cut up the sails and glued them to the masts.

We then stuck some old play dough into the bottoms of the egg cartons to stick our masts in.

There they are. In 1492 Columbus sailed the gingham ocean of blue!!


The Parenti Family said...

I love the ships you made!!! Were they the Ninia, pinta and santa maria? (sp?) I hope I remembered my history right!
Have a GREAT weekend!!!
Jenny P.

heavenly bliss said...

hi mom no thank you for taking my picture. love josie

heavenly bliss said...

Wonderful job girls. Your lucky that you have a Creative and Loving Mom. Keep up the good work Jenny and girls. Love You All Dad/Brad