Friday, October 16, 2009


We made a house-o-lantern. With a little help from mom we got some cardboard taped together big enough to snuggly fit over the girls bedroom window. We then drew a jack-o-lantern face on the cardboard and cut it out.
Here it is!

I spray painted it black.
Then the girls taped some orange tissue paper over the holes.
This is their bedroom window in the daytime. Pretty neat. They won't be able to see out until after Halloween but - oh well. No, I used painters tape and taped it up minimally so that we can take it down and put it up when we want to.

We were so anxious. I ran out at dusk to see how it was looking.
This is what we get after dark. We are sooo far away from the road it takes a big decoration to be seen. This one you can see!!


Jessie Mae said...

This is so awesome! We saw the idea in our Family Fun magazine and wanted to try it, but didn't have a big piece of cardboard. Now we HAVE to find some! So neat!

The Parenti Family said...

Wow.. that is amazing!! What a good idea!!
I love the new autumn pic too.. what a great shot of the colors!! I still have to upload some that I took. I don't even know how they turned out, if I could only find a minute once I get home to do it I will!! (soooo busy...I really need a NAP!!!).
Have a good weekend!!

Grandma and Grandpa H. said...

Wow!!!! This is great!!

Joannof10 said...

So cool!!!!!!!!!!

The Parenti Family said...

Hey again Jenny!
I got to upload our blog and it worked.. (finally!) we borrowed this attachment (not sure what it's called.. a modem thing....) to help make the internet more like high speed.. (which is still not offered here..) it's like a demo to see if we want to buy it and now I really want to.. it's sooo must faster!! anyway, wanted to let you know!! check it out!!