Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jack-o-lanterns 2010

Here are the pumpkins for 2010. I had a kit that I bought last year with the new little saws and templates. I didn't even use one template that came with the kit but I decided I would let the kids decide what they wanted and look for one online. In that endeavor I found success. Margie had Dora, Emmy, Snow White, Josie a cute ghost, Georgia a horse, and Dad the Dallas Cowboys helmet. The helmet was a surprise for Dad when he got home from work. They came out really nice but it did take me 3 HOURS TO DO IT! NEVER AGAIN. The darn saw knives, whatever you want to call them kept bending in half as I cut, the template poker all of a sudden lost its poking ability and it was surprisingly hard to find something around the house to take its place and I was pretty close to crazy after doing just a couple. The only good thing about it was that we were able to gut and carve the pumpkins outside so that saved me from cleaning a big mess inside! Have a great one tomorrow! xo


Aunt Jean said...

They came out super. Too bad you can't freeze them for years to come. lol Have a great day

The Parenti Family said...

again.. SO CUTE!! 3 hours.. what a trooper !!! They turned out amazing. Have a fun night tonight! oh, hey, did you ever figure out what the bird was?? If you do, post it on here.. I'm curious about that!!
love ya's!!
-Jenny P.