Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brendan's 3rd Birthday Party

Brendan's third birthday party was the past weekend. He had a superhero theme! Look at him as spiderman!!
This is during a freeze dance game.

Then Stacy had a parachute to play with.

Keep the balloon on the parachute kids.
Poor Stacy, being the wonderful host that she is, didn't have any time to take pictures thus the photo heavy post.

Little kids, sit under the parachute and we'll lift it up and down over you now.

Sorry about the red-eye. I forgot.

I think Margie wants to help. She had already helped someone lick a little frosting off one (or maybe 3) of the cupcakes while sitting there by sticking her little fingers into them.

Army guys.

Russell is a bug caught in a web. Wrap him up Georgia.
More more more more more....anybody got any tape now??
Shoot the silly string at the bug game!
Emmy wants in (or maybe out).
What a GREAT party Stacy. xoxo

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