Tuesday, November 2, 2010

St. John's first annual Halloween Party?

Mom put on an awesome Halloween party this past weekend at St. John's. I put a question mark in the post's title because I wonder if it will become an annual thing. It was very successful.
Here is the gang. Make sure you take a peek at Margie here in her angel costume. She would NOT stand for a picture later on.

Bobbing for donuts!
Waiting oh so patiently.
GO!! Come on Jo catch it!

Floating hand punch....eeewwww!
Russell organized a trivia game of Halloween facts.
The big hit was mom's ghost bowling with pumpkin gourds.
Knock 'em down Emmy.

Then, there was ring the witch hat. We also played throw the roses to St. Therese but I didn't get any pictures of that on since I was manning the game.
Little close aren't you Em?
Blurry, darn. The kids LOVED sticking their hands in the boxes and feeling parts of some guy mom called Herbert Smears. (Although mom Georgia said on some of the labels you had Howard Smears and others said Herbert Smears. Must have been his alter ego :)
Lots of smiles and "eeewwww"s!
Look at the Saints. We have Emeline as Mary the Blessed mother of Jesus, Josie as Saint Bernadette and Georgia as Saint Rose.

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