Wednesday, August 11, 2010

homemade lollipops

****As requested: the recipe!! I didn't have a lot of luck getting mine off the waxed paper (maybe they weren't quite cool enough) but maybe spraying it or oiling it would work better. I had to use cold water after to get the paper off! :) We also used this chart (because I don't own a candy thermometer) to figure out when we were at the hard crack stage. Good luck - they were yummy and fun for me to do. A little too hot and dangerous for the kids to do on their own.
Emmy has been learning about the letter L and we made lollipops.
Mmmm mmmm were they good but oh boy were they sticky.

Emeline loved them! We made strawberry flavor!


Joannof10 said...

Hey, don't leave us hanging here---where is the recipe??

The Parenti Family said...

yum!! We'll have to try these... I have started using parchment paper for cookies etc.. I wonder if that would work for these?