Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Georgia's soccer

Georgia's soccer is finally over. What a summer of sports!
She did a great job hustling out there for her team. At times she can be a little on the timid side but that's ok with me.
I said at times she could be timid but we did see her get beamed in the face by a kick and keep right on a going. She did blink every other second for a while but she hung in there. We also witnessed a rather large boy make insignificant contact with her and she folded like a wet noodle onto the field. She got right up and sort of shook it off. I'm telling you this because in my eyes it is a big accomplishment to get a "boo boo" and shake it off. It is a big accomplishment because how many kids did I see get carried off the field after getting tripped, or a ball hit their stomach, or someone looked at them cross eyed and the aftershock of these actions was to keel over like you got shot in the leg. What is happening to kids these days?? Oh I know I'm being totally insensitive. Georgia needs to pat herself on the back for SOMETHING because her soccer skills certainly won't get her any pats!! kidding....just kidding! :)

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