Tuesday, August 10, 2010

cookout and campfire

Grandma G had a cookout and campfire recently.
Emmy roasting
Brendan enjoying!


Josie is being lulled to sleep while toasting her marshmallow.

A sticky Margie
Ben eating a late supper after work.

Grandma taking care of I think Molly (can't tell them apart from a distance).


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The Parenti Family said...

hi guys! It's me via C's iPod (still unable to view your blog from my pc) :(. love the new pics!!! Margie!s hair is getting so long! looks like a fun cookout. The horses look great too. I am envious of your wonderful riding area!! Hopefully we will have something like that by next year. Sarah has started jumping more (at lessons).I am a bit nervous about it to say the least. I hope she stays safe!!! (i never was a fan of jumping...even watching it, too nerve wracking!!) i will make sure she sees your post on her blog. She will be so happy to read your kind comments...we miss you!!!! lots of love. the p fam :)

the P fam ;)