Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trip to Albany Part III The finale

My buttons got pushed and things are out of align - sorry
Here is the finale. They are married at long last.
I tried really hard to get a nice picture of the girls outside. They had just sat through an over 4 hour car ride and a wedding ceremony. They didn't want any part of this picture.

What a treat it was to see the outstandingly beautiful architecture of Albany. It's a wonder our state is out of money.

Celebration time. Emmy LOVED her fancy glasses.

The girls patiently waiting again. It was a multiple course dinner, I'm still recovering, but it took hours to get through! Soooo yummy.
Reese and Anthony made the occasion.
The wedding cake.
Still eating!!!
The first dance.
Dad and Glenda
Time to get this party started. Although I don't think this family needed us to get the party started they were a rowdy bunch. Quite surprising when compared to the 5 star dinner! I thought things might end up a little "stuffy".
The girls can finally MOVE!

The tuckered out so fast though. Time to go back to the hotel. We are so glad we made the trip. It was an experience for us all.

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The Parenti Family said...

what a beautiful family you have Jenny.. just gorgeous !!!