Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!


The Parenti Family said...

that was a very special part of our day Jenny and family! We waited until this morning (Easter Sunday) at dinner-time to do our experiment.. where did you get that idea?? We were amazed!!! I took pictures of it, it's so cool!! Did you have a nice day?! The weather is gorgeous isn't it? We went to church, home for dinner, I took a nap, then I went on a 5 mi horseback ride with my neighbors. Amazing day. Kit is doing great and he's teaching me all he knows I think!
Just wanted to thank you again.. that was a very special part of our day. Miss you TONS!! (you guys HAVE TO come for a visit sometime!!!!) Sarah was just asking the other day if Georgia was EVER going to come over!! :)
Lots of love,
Jenny and family

Grandma and Grandpa H. said...

We waited until after Easter dinner to open our "Happy Easter!!" All the Collins' and Pam and Brian watched as Grandpa did the honors. We were all amazed. It brought a tear to Pam's eye. John and Susan Nasci stopped over briefly and Grandpa showed it to them. They were also impressed. Thank you very much. We hope you had a wonderful Easter. We sure did. Thanks to the wonderful family that we are all blessed with. XXXX XX