Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hunting for God Fishing for the Lord

Hunting for God Fishing for the Lord by Rev. Joseph F. Classen was a great read. It started out a little slow for me which left me wondering in which direction it was going but by the end I was thoroughly enjoying the tales of the hunt.

The imagery was beautiful. I have always felt at peace in nature and that same feeling was beautifully depicted through Rev. Classen's eyes. The excitement that built with each outdoor venture was entertaining. He talked of being outwitted, and tested while in pursuit which became comical at times and made the book very relatable even though I am by far an avid hunter or fisher woman. To hear the dialog between fisherman and monster rainbow trout, and feel his need to land "the big one" was a learning experience both for author and reader. How often we strive for things that are not meant to be.

Each tale of the hunt flowed perfectly into some epiphany. He would realize time and time again the beautiful gifts and intricate details of the God-given world. In my opinion, nature is a natural therapy given us by God. When I find I'm getting caught up in trivial things, I just step outside, open my eyes and soul, and I am healed. This book was a testament to that healing power of the outdoors as well as a comical, relatable book about man's conquest to "land the big one"!

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