Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Well another St. Patrick's day is here. We decided to do some rainbows this year (thanks to Elsie Rae!). I incorporated an art lesson along with it. We used only primary colors to mix and make all of our rainbow colors. Georgia made a good observation :"There is a pattern of the colors. It goes primary, secondary, primary secondary." Good job Georgia. Do you know why? "The primary colors must mix to make the secondary."
While we waited for our rainbows to dry I mixed up some pudding. Some sneaky leprechaun made some magic because when they stirred ...
It turned green. Uuuuggghhh.
So exciting.
I want the pots of gold.
Emmy's rainbow. Happy Day to you!

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The Parenti Family said...

Ha Ha! you are too funny Jenny. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all! I love the look of that green pudding!! Did it taste green? ;)
Have a good day lassies!!!