Monday, March 22, 2010

Birthday Parties

We gathered at Jessie and Matt's this weekend to celebrate Mom and Theresa's birthdays. The little girls love to get together.
Margie Sue rode Thundercap, Elsie and Sam's horse.
Go Margie Go!
We took a peek at Matt's handiwork. Very nice Matt.
By the way I emailed these to your Realtor because they really should have been shown with all of the other pictures on the sales page! Just doing you a favor!!
Johnny made it up. It was so very nice to see you John.

The birthday girls.
We sang to Tracy because her birthday was recently as well.

I'm not so sure Sam knew what to make of John. His arm is on fire, he has a grenade on his upper arm and some weird sharp pointy thing coming out of his bottom lip. I can see your point of view Sam!
Lots of laughs.

Some big brothers put little brothers in there place. I think Russell should have been flopping John on the floor though.
Can you find Sam under all that lasagna?

We discovered that there were a LOT of feet in Jessie's little house! Thanks for hosting Jessie. Sorry you were feeling under the weather Stacy. We really missed you. We missed you too Matt. (He got called to a spill as we were pulling into the driveway) Hope to see you again real soon John and Theresa. Thanks for making the trip up!
Whoops thought I was done. I can't leave out this cutie riding Thundercap.

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