Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our Olympic Unit

We learned so much while doing a unit based around the Winter Olympics. Here the kids and dad made a luge. There were many runs down that thing and I guess Dad won and Georgia got upset because she didn't go the farthest. They were out there for quite a while. That old hill got a lot of use over the past month. I told the girls we'll have to pick up a pair of skis and a snowboard sometime to give that a whirl.
The one and only spectator!

We dedicated a whole wall to all that we learned and could put on paper. Flags and symbols galore.
We kept track of our medals too. Way to go Team USA!
A little geography practice! They were amazed at just how many countries participated and were in one place at the same time.
Emeline had her own corner of winter olympic sports coloring pages.
We loved practicing making inuksuits. Josie made this one lying down.
Here is Georgia's.
Here is Josie's.
We did many webquests about the ancient olympics and modern olympics, enjoyed learning about Team USA and our athletes representing us, my only complaint: telling the kids a few weeks ago that when the olympics began they could stay up and watch it every night. What a plain old DUMB thing to say!!! Thank goodness they are FINALLY over!! :)

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The Parenti Family said...

I remember Sarah stacking the stones to make those.. she did an alaskan unit in the 1st grade and really got a lot out of it. fun stuff!!
Jenny P
ps I love your luge run!!!