Monday, March 1, 2010

Georgia's party

It was a quiet family birthday for Georgia this year. Poor Josie woke up with a belly ache and we had to cancel having any kids over because she wasn't feeling well.
The grandparents didn't miss it though.
Grandpa B teasing Emmy.
My little dude Margie.
Georgia can't get enough of her horse shirt! I'm glad she likes it. Actually, she has it on as she is looking over my shoulder as I type this too!!!
She got a hymn book from the G family that is full of duets. Grandma says she can play with her in church when she learns a song down pat!!!
Look at that tongue.
Then Margie showed us her moves. Lets see she has the Margie Sue shuffle, the tray, chicken wing, the tornado, the swing... She's got them all!

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