Monday, February 15, 2010

Russell helped Brad with the hay recently. We store it down the street in a barn and have to go down a couple times a month to get enough to fill our storage area here at the house. You were a great help Russell. I hope it didn't hurt your back.


The Parenti Family said...

Glad you had extra help! A couple of times a month.. wow!! Acutally I need to go get a big round bale.. we're running low!! Little hay burner!! (I should say big FAT hay burner!!!)
Have a good day!
ps thanks for the valentine's and anniversary wishes!! The kids (and us too of course!) love getting mail!!! We have your card up on the mantle. Very pretty!

Jessie Mae said...

So you put him to work huh? He looks like he's straining pretty hard! ;)