Thursday, February 18, 2010

Margie's got the moves!

She's got the moves!!

In the first clip the "extra" kid is a girl I am tutoring.

Also, in the second clip, yes, I stopped the catastrophe before it happened!! (jo smacking Emmy)


Jessie Mae said...

Yay, I got the video to work. This is so cute. Margie turned into a kid over night!! She DOES have the moves!

The Parenti Family said...

So cute!!! I love it!! Emmy is changing so fast I notice too. Her hair is getting so long.
I'm glad you got to see the video on our blog too. It took forever to get it to work. Thanks for your comment! As for me being a good basketball player.. I dunno!!! :) Eric is the big sports man and I'm glad the kids have the interest. I always liked to shoot, but as for the game I always thought myself hopeless! I always thought you were the awesome player! (still do!) and yes, Randy.. Randy the all star. He's still my sporty big bro. He's actually here now visiting.(my TV is on espn the whole time when he is here!) Our break just started !! (YAY!!!) Zach has to go back Monday though. The boys are getting some ski time in again. My goal this week is to sleep until 8am. It'll be so nice!!!! I am SO exhausted!!!
Have a good weekend BFF!!!
love ya