Friday, December 4, 2009

Josie's Parties

We celebrated Josie's birthday on Wednesday. She asked for strawberry shortcake!
6! Two hands oh my.
Georgia gave her a heartfelt card all about getting older and how she is so much wiser and such.
Josie loves any kind of puzzle. She loves her funpads and crosswords, wordsearches etc.
This is from her family party Thurs. Jo can be a bit bashful when all eyes are on her. You can almost hide behind that sky scraper cake Jo! She asked for Boston Cream.
The gang.
The other half of the gang.
Grandma's telling Margie a thing or two.
Russell just loves to be hugged and kissed and Emmy likes to dish it out.

Cousing Matt looking REAL comfortable holding Margie.
A happy Jo.
Grandma and Grandpa B. stayed to watch Snow White for a bit. Isn't that a cute picture.

Margie sitting with Aunt Kathy listening to the stories.

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The Parenti Family said...

Wow, you guys had a fun fun time !!! Boston Cream pie?? Only my favorite! I hope you ate a piece for me Jo!!!
Thinking of you all!!
Hey Jenny, did you get my email? I had to sent it through hotmail since I was at work (the other one does not work here for some reason...) I had to guess you email address... anyway, hope it made it!!
have a good weekend!