Friday, December 11, 2009

Can you find the rainbow?

A day of rest at last. It was a hectic past couple of days. The lake effect snow machine is still brewing south of us and they are getting walloped. In the above picture I tried to capture the teensy weeny rainbow behind the tallest tree on the horizon to the left of the picture. A token that beauty can be found even in not so good things.


The Parenti Family said...

Hey Jenny!
Pretty pics!! I work with someone from Dekalb Junction (small world!!) and we were just talking the other day about how flat it is there and how you can actually see the storms coming.. we don't get that here b/c of the tall trees and hills/mtns. You really do get a pretty sky there. BIG!!
Hope the storms stay away!! We lost power the other night too for many hours... (see our blog) I wanted to add more pics, but it's so frustrating with the slowness... I wish, I wish I could get high speed!!! (I know, I gripe about this all the time and I probably will until high speed is offered!!!) :)
have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

first catch your hare, then cook him........................................