Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Coffee Filter Angels

We made some coffee filter angels that turned out pretty.
First we took our coffee filters and smooshed them out flat. Next we took some cotton balls and placed them in the center.
ooops this is step three. Take another coffee filter and turn it into a fan shape.
ooops this is step two. You wrap the coffee filter (and we only have small ones) around the cotton ball.
Tuck the fan shaped filter up into the one with the cotton ball and hot glue it together. Tie a string around them all under the cotton ball head.
Next take a third filter, flatten it out, fold it in half and..
..tie a string around the middle to form wings.
Hot glue the wings onto the back of your angel.
Form a halo our of a pipe cleaner and glue it on.
You end up with this cute little thing. I wrapped anothe pipecleaner around thier middles and made a loop in the back in order to hang them up.
Here is another.