Saturday, January 24, 2009

Operation Playtime Day 5 :Painting

Today's theme: Painting. Emeline loves to paint. We tried something new today and instead of gadgets she was prompted to use her hands. Now she has experimented with her hands and paint before but to be honest I didn't really promote the activity in the past. Today I let her have at it.
She was VERY careful at first.

This is a picture right after I stuck her whole hand in the paint. Whew she couldn't believe it.
After a few minutes my little rough and tumble girl didn't want dirty hands anymore.
I cleaned her up and she went to her brushes instead.
The older girls enjoyed experimenting with kitchen gadgets. Josie liked to use a marzipan tool to make prints on her paper.


Joannof10 said...

Jenny, I think we posted at the same time and almost had the same idea! We made fingerpaint-and had a blast! Emmy's reaction is almost the same as Kimberly's! YUCK!

ibeeeg said...

Love your daughter's name...Emeline...beautiful.

How sweet that she wanted clean hands and then finished up with a brush. I wish I could get my kiddos to keep their hands paint free. No such luck for us.

Melitsa said...

Good for you Jenny letting Emeline have at it. Paint and little ones can be a recipe for disaster but so many good things come from it. Love her expressions. You can see she was really learning something about texture.