Saturday, January 31, 2009

Operation Playtime Day 12: heuristic play

The final day of Operation Playtime. :(
For the theme today (heuristic play) we got out one of Em's favorites: beans!!

She (as you can see) intently manipulates the beans and enjoys pouring them into things.

She also likes placing them into trays. This has been a great unplugged series of play days for Emeline (and the bigger girls). It has MADE me set aside time intended just for her which I do everyday anyway but this took me to another level in some areas. We will try to keep the ideas flowing. Check out if you have little ones at home. I was introduced to the site by my Aunt Joann and I will definitely visit it more often to see what other ideas they have.


Melitsa said...

You guys have been great. Thanks for following along.

Just a note: Dried beans are a great sensory activity. Remember to be there to stop ingestion because raw beans are poisonous. Not a reason to stop using them but make sure it's supervised play.

Hope to see you again. Keep playing.

Joannof10 said...

Fun and messy!! I gave you an award over on my blog!!