Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

The kids gave it another go this year. This is them at about 9:30!! I noticed they were starting to drift off early (dad included) so we decided to do an early toast for those that may not make it to 12:00.
We got out our champagne glasses and sparkling apple / cranberry juice and Em just kept downing it and saying "Murr mom, mur". BAD sign!

This past week at the "library program they made wacky hats to wear for new years. They put those on and...
...we had a proper toast. There is Em downing hers a little early.
Cheers everyone! To all a healthy and prosperous New Year!!


heavenly bliss said...

hi mom happy new year!! I love the pictures. I love the one that dad was sleeping in with me. Love Josie

The Parenti Family said...

We loved the pictures.. so cute.
thinking of you all
Jenny P and fam