Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A wonderful day.

Well we had another wonderful birthday here. One thing that Josie really wished for was an American Girl. They may be adorable but they are quite expensive for my taste so I decided to make some! It was soooo much work I am glad she played with them ALL day. There is a place on the American Girl site where you can play a game that is called American Girl Paper Dolls . That gave me an idea. I played the game, printed the clothes, glued all the clothing to cardboard food boxes, cut out heads from an American Girl catalog, and pieced them all together with a cardboard t-paper or paper towel tube to help them stand up.
She was really thrilled.

Here she is later on. She can barely contain herself.
Blow Josie blow!
I think Em enjoyed the dessert the most.
Em that may be a bit too large.
Wow a game. Josie has a great imagination. She adores anything that will allow her to use her creative skills such as crafts or any sort of little critters/people that she can play with. I think I wrote once that I was looking through a grocery ad and she wanted me to cut out three soda bottles that were on the front. Later on I found her playing with them as a family. They increased in size so she saw one as the daddy, one the mommy and one the baby. This game has little critters that dad just knew she would love to play with.

Puppies next. We have had dog shows in the living room already this morning.
Em's still scraping her plate.
...and a craft. Looks like Josie is happy.

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Stacy said...

Wow, when I first saw those American dolls, I had to do a double take because I thought they were real kids. What a great idea. Now Josie has to collect things to make a cardboard doll house. Looks like you had a great day Josie!