Sunday, December 21, 2008

painting gone all wrong

We painted our salt dough ornaments a while ago and thought I would ask your opinion on something. Here things look great. Emeline is thrilled she gets to make a mess and NOT get into trouble. She gets to do something with the big kids. It is wonderful.
She wasn't very careful about the rules which were simply only paint the ornaments or the paper (can you imagine?) so I removed her shirt. Look she is just thrilled and having such a jolly time.

Ooops Em your getting some on your face. Be careful. (You see I was around the corner washing dishes.)
Then I thought I heard some whispering and some giggling so I peeked and found this occurring. Now I wonder if this was all Emeline or if it had anything to do with her angelic, do-no-wrong sisters? What do you think?
Your under arrest Emeline.
Put 'em up!

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The Parenti Family said...

I think you've got yourself a little artist Jenny.. it could be the new thing.. she'll make millions on her new creation of living art! :)
We got Georgia's card.. it was so cute. Sarah loved it. Thanks so much!
Love ya's
Jenny P and fam