Friday, December 12, 2008

Newspaper Christmas Tree

We made a beautiful Christmas tree out of newspaper. A lesson that even garbage can be turned into something beautiful! Here the girls are cutting the strips. It is important that you have some sort of cutting device. Otherwise it would be A LOT of cutting.
Here is the form I made. NOT exactly what the directions called for but I had no clay and I didn't have a 10 inch knitting needle. We made salt dough ornaments last week and I saved some leftover dough. That is the base and a pencil worked in place of the needle. You can see our piles of newspaper behind the frame.
Each pile decreases by 1/2 and inch so that when you stack them you get this!

Next you add glitter.
Beautiful! I need to put a star on top to cover up that bit of pencil though.

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Stacy said...

That is very pretty! Did you glue the glitter on the tree?