Thursday, July 24, 2008


For many years we have sponsored a child from Guatemala. Kebin is our second boy from Guatemala that we support through the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging
He lives with his parents and 3 brothers and sisters in a small home made of blocks with a metal roof. They don't have a well and his job is to collect wood so they can cook over their wood stove. We recently received a letter from him and heard all about his schooling and family life. We love to hear from him. It teaches us many lessons.

We did some research on Guatemala. First though we found it on our wall map. Good job Georgia.

We made Kebin some birthday and Christmas cards. If we send them now he will get them in time. Can you believe it takes that long!?

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Judy said...

What a beautiful post! It’s wonderful how you’ve engaged your family in reaching out to connect with Kebin. You are a true blessing in his life!

Thank you so much for your sponsorship!