Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Big "Game"... finally!

Well, FINALLY it was the night for the big "game". See as a surprise at the end of their season coach told them that they had a game in town. The first game was cancelled and it was rescheduled for last night. The kids were all psyched for a big game and when they saw the college age players they had looks of despair. "Those kids are biiiig!" It took a long time for them to realize that they weren't going to play anybody (Georgia was kind of let down. She really wanted one final game.) but that they were going to get to run out in front of hundreds of fans and hear their names called over the loud speakers! This is a picture of Georgia watching the "big kids" start their game. They cheered "We want a single just a little single s-i-n-g-l-e- single single single...." many times.
Here is the team in the dugout waiting for some Wizards and to be called out.

Well here are the Wizards! It was a frenzy. There is my little Georgia down in the middle of the group (green hair tie) getting an autograph!! Georgia you rascal.

She says "I GOT IT!!"

Here is my little Georgia getting another autograph. She ended up with her glove signed too.

The kids got lined up and were each called out by name. The anouncer said "Sweeeet Georgia B--------" .

There she is looking pro while the National Anthem was played. She ran right back grinning ear to ear and went out of her way to take one big stomp on first base. She was thrilled!

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Stacy said...

Georgia that looks so cool! It looks like you had a great time at the big game! You should have gotten me an autograph! I'm glad that you had such a fun season, you did very well! I can't wait to see you play next year.