Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Russell's baseball

It's that time of year again! At least the calendar says so. Mother Nature has not been too cooperative though. Here is Russell ready for a fly ball.
On deck.

He made it to third and then my camera died. Oh well. I think the inning was over before he made it home on this one. He did have a beautiful catch in right field! Way to go Russell!

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The Parenti Family said...

Yay Russell!! The weather HAS been horrible.. Christian has had some cancellations (games AND practices..) b/c of rain. Sarah starts riding lessons again this Monday ( her 5th year.. can you believe it?!! She is teaching ME now!!!) so I may not get to take many pictures of baseball this year.. I will sure try to though!! I tried to update my blog last weekend and some error occured.. ughh.. keep checking!! (or I will let you know too when I get it done.)
love, love, love your pictures of all the kids.. your family is so beautiful!!
Miss you all!!