Monday, May 16, 2011

Emmy's birthday(s)

There is my Emmy with her "4 fingers"!
She's listening to us sing.

Still listening!

Still listening. I just love her sweetness.

This was Margie while we were singing.

She just couldn't wait any longer!

She asked and asked for a flashlight!

Friday we had the family over for a party. This was the first time we have EVER been able to be outside for a birthday party! We need a summer baby!

THEN, on Sunday Grandma Gifford came over because she missed her party Friday because Russell had a baseball game.

Russell picked this gift out.

You roll die, match a hamburger color with the color on the die, feed the pig and make it chew by pressing down it's head. There is a number on the bottom of each hamburger which tells you how many times to press the pig's head down. Each time you press it's head down, the belly expands like a balloon. At some point the belt bursts, it's arms go up and that means you are "out". Emmy played it all afternoon!

Love you Emeline!


Marge said...

Sure looks like another beautiful birthday party for a beautiful little girl. We love you Emmy!!!

Theresa said...

Looks like a fun filled weekend!