Wednesday, May 25, 2011

East Ridge Rapids

Well I couldn't get another video up here so instead, here are all the pictures.
Margie liked it a lot.

Georgia was worried of course!!

Emeline went after Georgia and she kept saying "Georgia is a baby" as Georgia was smiling but saying things like "Stay with me Dad" etc.

When Emmy got in and got going all she did was WHINE!!!

Mommy even took a turn.

Can you see how wet my seat and legs got? I seemed to have a little more weight than the girls and the water lapped over the edge of the tube as I bounced along resulting in me sitting in a few inches of water the whole time! Can't wait for the next rainfall now!!!


The Parenti Family said...

that looks like so much fun.. saw your video on facebook too!! When I saw the pic of you on the tube I thought it was Georgia..!! :)
Nice "seeing" all of you!! We hope to be up for memorial day!! Are you going to be around? Not sure of our schedule yet, but would sure love to really see you!!!
ps our blog is updated!!
xoxo Jenny

The Parenti Family said...

Thank you for you comments Jenny and Georgia!! For mother's day I had Italian food.. yummmy!!! I know you guys love it too! :) the bridge Christian made I think was for history.. I'm guessing, but b/c our town and other neighboring towns are celebrating 250 years this summer and they are all along the river, so I think that's why his class did bridges. I might be wrong!! and Georgia.. I know what you mean about falling!! Sarah has fallen many times at riding lessons. Those ponies can get a little ramuctious sometimes, especially when you ask them to go faster OR if there is another pony next to you.. that happened to Sarah before.. they were trying to race and Sarah fell off!! I'm glad I wasn't there to see it!! haha!
See you soon!!!
lots of love,
Jenny :)