Thursday, February 17, 2011

sound travels better through a solid or gas?

We have been learning about sound and sound waves so we did a few experiments. The question here was: Does sound travel easier through a solid or a gas? The girls guessed gas of course. How can sound travel through a solid? Makes no sense! Here is Josie with a hanger contraption. We ties two equal lengths of yarn from a hanger and let it bang against the oven door. We could hear it all right. The answer must be that sound travels through a gas easier.
Then we put the yarn and our finger tips into our ears. Wait a could hear soooo much more. It was more twangy and ringy they said. This is proof but they needed more.
Georgia's turn to see if the solid yarn allows sound to travel through it with ease.
How about through wood. It can't possibly go through the table. They knocked...

Then put their ear down and knocked. I think it was louder!

Then we wrote with a pencil.
They found out sound definitely travels through a solid easier. I don't know if they firmly believe it yet though. There is still a little disbelief! The experiments were found here.

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