Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Day

Fun things happen when Daddy is home on account of a snow day. I guess it really can't be called a snow day because it wasn't just snowing. It was just really cold.
Margie got a ride on her indoor pony.
That is NOT how your feet sit in the stirrups Margie. Brad said she told her but she insisted this was how it is done.
Look at the little baby that paid a visit. Spooky was just adorable!
Daddy putting his bonnet on. Look at the girls looking on!
Aww the cutest little baby that looks like he could claw your eyes out, in the world! Actually he was enjoying himself.
Margie and her baby. She brushed his hair! Wish Daddy could stay home EVERY day!! xoxo


The Parenti Family said...

what a patient kitty!!!

Jessie Mae said...

Yes, these kids just love it when Daddy is home too! Now if only Mom could be just as fun! ;) That is very very funny that the girls (and Brad) dressed up Spooky. Very cute.