Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas visit with the Greats 2011

The whole gang.
Georgia, Josie, Emeline and Margie with the Greats


Uncle John bugging Margie
My boy and my Emmy
The Margies
My long lost brother John and my little Margie
Johnny, being a smarty pants I'm sure.

Grandpa reading a story out of the treasure box
We gave Grandma and Grandpa a treasure box of memories this year.

Thanks for the wonderful visit. We hope you enjoyed reading the stories and I specifically hope you could make out Georgia and Josies! xoxo We love you VERY much.


Jessie Mae said...

Looks like you all had a very nice visit. Wish we could have made it too! Also, that's pretty neat that all four girls made it until midnight. Was there any cat naps in between?! Matt got Elsie out of bed a few minutes before the ball dropped so she could see it. Jacob made it to midnight all on his own though! ;)

The Parenti Family said...

I love these pictures! Your grandparents and the rest of your extended family look fabulous!! I love the pic with Georgia peeking out of the bottom left corner too... very funny!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!