Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Father Reilly

IHC is losing their priest :( Father Reilly has been transferred. This picture was from his farewell reception. Those kids were so well behaved. The line we waited in was soooo long and it got to be after 8pm before we saw him. He is a wonderful man and will be so greatly missed. When we would go out to visit "dad" at work he would come through the gym and make the kids laugh. He ALWAYS blessed the girls and I. At the reception he said wait a minute lets just all get in a circle and hold each other. We did and he blessed us again. He always let me know what a great job I was doing and said seeing those girls in the school just brightened his day. He will definitely be on our pen-pal list. Love and God bless you Father Reilly!!
ps- speaking of pen-pals we got a letter from Amiya. She is doing well and is already planning her next stay with us. We can't wait!!!

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